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The 7th Sign Language Festival in Berlin 2010

Video: Katja Fischer

Our traditional event, the 7th Sign Language Festival in Berlin, will take place from 24 to 25 September 2010. The Deaf Association Berlin as the responsible body of this event will organise the Festival within the scope of the World's Day of the Deaf, more precisely the event week "Berliner Deaf week". See more under

The 7th Sign Language Festival is the highlight of the event week "Berliner Deaf week" which will takes place from 17 to 25 September 2010 in Berlin. The Tuerkisparade, a "gentle mission" in which the Deaf show the Hearing, what it means, to be deaf, to have an own deaf culture and give it a positive spin, will begin on Saturday, 25 September at 10 o'clock. More about it under

For the first time ever the children's and youth's sign language festival will be presented separately, so it'll make a new category for the contest. The contest for the adult will be separated too, in two parts "sign language" and "sign language art".

Since the 1st Sign Language Festival in 1991 the emancipation of the german deaf community was developed very well in the space of 19 years up to the present. Now, the new slogan "The Mark of The Deafhood" has the aim to motivate the actors and actresses for the coming festival.

Welcome at the 7th Sign Language Festival in Berlin!

Thomas ZanderKatja Fischer
The Deaf Association Berlincoordinator of the Sign Language Festival


Translation: Kerstin Baake